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Name:Star Trek Flashfic
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This community is modeled somewhat on [community profile] sga_flashfic which in turn was modeled on DS Flashfiction over on LJ. We thank the mods of both comms for inspiring us.

Star Trek Flashfic welcomes all flavors of Star Trek--TOS, TNG, DS9, VOY and ENT; reboot, prime, and in-universe AUs such as the Mirror universe; the Animated series; and works based on the novels and comics are all welcome! Crossovers and non-canon AUs are welcome as well.

All genres and ratings of fan fiction are welcome as long as they fit the challenge in some way. Some challenges will be geared toward TrekSmut, but most will work for gen as well. Although this is primarily a story comm, we do welcome both art and vids as long as they match the challenge somehow.

Challenges will be posted every two weeks on Sunday evening, at which time the previous challenge will be closed. You will then have two weeks to write something for the new challenge and post it to the comm. During the period of the challenge, we ask that you only post your stories to [community profile] star_trek_flashfic. After the mods close the challenge, you are, of course, free to post the story wherever you like. If the challenge deadline is looming and you're sure you could get your fic done if you had just a little more time, you can request an extension of the challenge.

Please feel free to suggest challenges here here!

Stories will be archived in the tags section by challenge name. Please use a cut tag; pairings, warnings, and other information is appreciated but not required. If you are writing about the Original Trek characters, please indicate somewhere in your header whether you're writing TOS or Reboot.

Stories of any length are welcome; however, if your story is too long to fit in one post, please post it on your own journal and then link back to it on the comm.

If you have questions, feel free to ask on any post tagged "!admin".

Your mods are [personal profile] helens78 and [personal profile] telesilla.


[community profile] singularity: reboot-universe fic, whether movie-specific or the effects of the reboot on other Trek characters
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