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FIC: The Things You See and The Way You See Them (STXI, PG13)

Title: The Things You See and The Way You See Them
Author: Danahid ([personal profile] danahid)
Fandom/Spoilers: STXI/Reboot
Summary: The art of observation: Five times someone observed the bond between the Captain and his First Officer, and one time someone understood it
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Gen or Kirk/Spock (depends on which goggles you prefer)
Wordcount: 5,716
Disclaimer: Star Trek is owned by many people who are not me. No profit being made. No infringement intended.
Archive/Distribution: Please ask.
Date: July 23, 2009

Author's Note #1: Heartfelt thanks to [personal profile] dreamlittleyo, who kindly allowed me to run with these snippets inspired by her wise and beautiful stories, All That We Can Be, Not Just What We Are and Who Am I To Say?.

Author's Note #2: Written for the ST FlashFic Five Things Challenge, Five Times You Wrote For ST Flashfic -- The Five Things Challenge.

The Things You See and The Way You See Them

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