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Five Things Challenge -- List of Fics

The Five Things Challenge is now closed! Feel free to release your stories into the wild!

Here's the list of stories for the Family Challenge

Trek Fic! )
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Five Navigators

Five Navigators
Fandom: Star Trek (reboot)
Characters: Sulu/various, Sulu/Gaila, Sulu/Chekov
Rating: R
Word count: 2160
Disclaimer: Star Trek is owned by Paramount; this is not intended to infringe on Paramount's copyright.
Summary: Sulu takes five different approaches with five different navigators: Gary Mitchell, Kevin Riley, Harrison, Gaila, and Pavel Chekov.

Notes: For the Five Things challenge at [community profile] star_trek_flashfic! Those of you not familiar with TOS may not recognize the first three names on the list, so here are Memory Alpha links: Mitchell, Riley, Harrison. Inspired by the fact that it seems like, until Chekov lands on the scene, there's a new navigator almost every week. :)

Five Navigators )
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FIC: The Things You See and The Way You See Them (STXI, PG13)

Title: The Things You See and The Way You See Them
Author: Danahid ([personal profile] danahid)
Fandom/Spoilers: STXI/Reboot
Summary: The art of observation: Five times someone observed the bond between the Captain and his First Officer, and one time someone understood it
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Gen or Kirk/Spock (depends on which goggles you prefer)
Wordcount: 5,716
Disclaimer: Star Trek is owned by many people who are not me. No profit being made. No infringement intended.
Archive/Distribution: Please ask.
Date: July 23, 2009

Author's Note #1: Heartfelt thanks to [personal profile] dreamlittleyo, who kindly allowed me to run with these snippets inspired by her wise and beautiful stories, All That We Can Be, Not Just What We Are and Who Am I To Say?.

Author's Note #2: Written for the ST FlashFic Five Things Challenge, Five Times You Wrote For ST Flashfic -- The Five Things Challenge.

The Things You See and The Way You See Them

Five things fics, Sulu/Kirk, pg

Title: Lying in this bed
Fandom: STXI
Pairing: Sulu/Kirk
Rating: PG
Word Count: 2,324
Notes: Written for the kink meme prompt here and for the five things challenge here.
Summary: Five times Jim Kirk almost got Hikaru killed and the obligatory plus one contradiction.

Title: Five orders Hikaru hates (and one he doesn't mind following, actually)
Fandom: STXI
Pairing: Sulu/Kirk
Rating: PG
Word Count: 768 
Notes: Kink meme prompt here. Also, obviously, for the five things challenge.
Summary: What it says on the tin.

Five Times ...

Title: Five Times Leonard McCoy Knew Happiness
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Pairing/Characters: McCoy/Wife, McCoy/OFC, McCoy/Spock
Rating/Category: PG-13 / Gen / Het / Slash
Word Count: 637
Prompt: Five Times Challenge
Notes/Warnings: written for [community profile] star_trek_flashfic
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Five Times You Wrote For ST Flashfic--The Five Things Challenge

The Five Things Challenge

So, Five Things all know the drill, right? You write a set of five pieces of any length that fit a theme. What that theme is, well, that's up to you, as is the genre. So whether you want to write "Four Times Jim Kirk Didn't Have Sex With Farm Animals (and the One Time He Did)" or "Five Holidays Observed on the USS Voyager" or any other five things fic, this is the place for it! You can also do 5 + 1 if you like; for example: Five Times Spock Didn't Show Favoritism Towards Uhura (and the One Time He Did).

Because we extended the last challenge, you'll have a few extra days to write for this one. The deadline is Sunday, July 26.