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Five Times You Wrote For ST Flashfic--The Five Things Challenge

The Five Things Challenge

So, Five Things all know the drill, right? You write a set of five pieces of any length that fit a theme. What that theme is, well, that's up to you, as is the genre. So whether you want to write "Four Times Jim Kirk Didn't Have Sex With Farm Animals (and the One Time He Did)" or "Five Holidays Observed on the USS Voyager" or any other five things fic, this is the place for it! You can also do 5 + 1 if you like; for example: Five Times Spock Didn't Show Favoritism Towards Uhura (and the One Time He Did).

Because we extended the last challenge, you'll have a few extra days to write for this one. The deadline is Sunday, July 26.
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Is "Five people Jim Kirk never slept with (and one he did)" acceptable, or is that cheating? ^^;;