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Ex Astris, Scientia -- Academy Days (and Nights)

Because everyone had to start somewhere and because this is a brand new comm, our first challenge is "Academy Days (and Nights)." We want this to be as broad as possible, so anything connected with Starfleet Academy goes, whether it's about cadets, teachers or cadets and teachers.

[personal profile] eleanorjane has some useful information about Starfleet Academy here.

Memory Alpha is an incredible resource; their page on the Academy is here.

Because this is the first challenge on a new comm on a newish site, we're giving you a little extra time. The challenge will run from now until Sunday, June 7.

Please note: this is not a comment fic comm. Anyone who joins the comm has posting access, so post your fic to the comm unless it's too long to fit in one post, in which case you can post it to your own journal and link back to the comm. The rest of the rules can be found in the user info or here.