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relax, I know how to make cement ([personal profile] telesilla) wrote in [community profile] star_trek_flashfic2009-06-21 11:53 pm

Mirror 'Verse Challenge List of Fics

The Mirror 'Verse Challenge is now closed! Feel free to release your stories into the wild!

Here's the list of Mirror "Verse Stories:

Please note, unless it's otherwise stated, all characters are the Mirror characters. As always, if I missed something, let me know!

Evil Counterparts Really Suck (gen) -- by [personal profile] graceandfire

Morning (gen) -- by [personal profile] slwatson

Until There's Nothing Left (Pike/Kirk) -- by [personal profile] helens78

Brightness Burns (Mirror Kirk/Mirror McCoy, Kirk/Mirror McCoy) -- by [personal profile] graceandfire

Deal or No Deal (Pike/Kirk) -- by [personal profile] darkrose

Acquiescence (Kirk/female!McCoy) -- by [personal profile] telesilla

Sweetheart Deal -- by [personal profile] darkrose

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