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Goatees Optional -- the Mirror 'Verse Challenge

Ah, the Star Trek Mirror 'Verse, the Mother of All AUs. It started with the TOS episode "Mirror, Mirror" and continued in episodes in other Trek series and in novels and comics. This is the place for stories set in the Mirror 'Verse, or for stories about characters from "our" universe ending up in the Mirror 'Verse, or Mirror 'Verse character showing up in "our" universe. Basically, if it's connected to the Mirror 'Verse in some way, it's fair game for this challenge.

Any iteration of the Mirror 'Verse is allowed, so if you have something based on the non-canonical, but still totally awesome, TNG Mirror 'Verse as presented in Diane Duane's Dark Mirror, go for it. (Please!) Likewise, although Voyager never had a Mirror 'Verse ep, feel free to make one up.


Mirror Mirror -- "Mirror, Mirror" on

Memory Alpha's Mirror Universe article -- includes links to recaps of the various canonical Mirror 'Verse episodes as well as a section on Apocrypha and links information about the various novels, comics and other non/secondary canon appearances of the Mirror 'Verse.

Timeline for the Mirror 'Verse
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Oooh. I always wanted a Voyager Mirrorverse ep. Evil Janeway, yes please! (Although admittedly Living Witness was the next best thing. *g*)
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The gloves.

It's been years since I saw that episode, but the gloves made an impression. :D
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I loved the gloves. :D