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Challenge Ideas, we want 'em!

We've already got quite the list of challenge ideas for the comm, but we'd love to see what people come up with because it's entirely possible that we've totally missed something obvious and very cool!

So this is the place to leave a challenge idea. Please remember that this is a comm for every flavor of Trek and one that welcomes both gen and TrekSmut, so try to make your challenge ideas as inclusive as you can.
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mmmm so many ideas. :D

- "loved and lost" challenge-- something or someone that the character has loved and lost, either through something they did that they regret, or just through the passage of time and the way life brings you places and things you don't expect.
- "out of their element" challenge-- each character has situations or circumstances or people that they feel most comfortable with. what happens when they're forced to do something totally unfamiliar? could be in the setting of customs of an alien race, could just be being stuck on an away team with someone you have no idea how to make conversation with.
- "coming home" challenge-- everyone has a definition of home. sometimes it's a place, sometimes a person, sometimes just a feeling. write about what it's like to come home after you've been away for a long time.
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Re: thanks!

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thanks! :D
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awesome challenge ideas!

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Seconding Ruth here! These are awesome! Thanks! :D
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Re: awesome challenge ideas!

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hee, thanks!
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Hi! I've just joined, for the fic and for the prompts.

I first found this community the other day, but had a hard time refinding it this morning - I searched on kirk, spock, james t kirk, star trek xi, flashfic, and I forget what else before trying "fan fiction". So, perhaps you could add a few more terms to your interest list? I also tried looking at affiliates of other trek lists and didn't notice this listed.

And one more gripe - the format is really hard to deal with on a Mac running Safari under OSX. The left-hand information justifies to the bottom of the page, not the top, so much scrolling is required; and some things run off the bottom of messages. It's hard to describe, sorry.

Okay, done with griping!

Thanks for setting this community up! I hope it takes off.

- Helen