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Title: Deal of a Lifetime
Author: [personal profile] darkrose
Fandom: Star Trek XI (Mirror Universe)
Pairings/Characters: Pike, Winona Kirk
Length: ~965 words
Rating: R
Disclaimer: Like all things Star Trek, these characters belong to Paramount Pictures. No profit is being made from their use.

Warning: Please note that his fic is set in the Star Trek Mirror Universe, which is a dystopic version of the Prime Star Trek universe that includes sexual violence and consent issues.

Notes: For the "Family" challenge on [community profile] star_trek_flashfic. For this version of the Mirrorverse, I'm sticking with canon as presented in Enterprise and TOS. Instead of following the DS9 version, however, I'm branching off after the TOS episode "Mirror, Mirror" and mostly going with the Mirrorverse history from Diane Duane's Dark Mirror.

"Suresh Modi" is the name I'm giving to Kal Penn's character who was very briefly in the Star Trek movie. It's actually Penn's real-life middle and last name, but the character is entirely fictional.

Summary: The last person in the galaxy Christopher Pike wants to see while he's recovering is his former patron--so naturally, she shows up to say hello. Immediately follows the events of the 2009 Star Trek movie, which unfolded a little differently in the Mirror Universe.

''Admiral Kirk. May I ask what you're doing in my quarters?'' )


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