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Title: Morning
Fandom: ST:TOS, Mirror Universe
Rating: G
Characters: Kirk, Scott
Timeline: 2259
Challenge: Mirror-'Verse
Disclaimer: Of course, they belong to Paramount and not to me. Bob Brien was created by D.C. Fontana.
Notes: Hi there! Kinda newish to this comm, but couldn't resist. This story is about Kirk's rise to power, and Scott's involvement to some degree. It's a piece of my already written Mirror Universe arcs, so I can't promise it'll make a ton of sense. Takes place after the story Loyalties. I'm just glad to actually write something.

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Until There's Nothing Left
Fandom: Star Trek (Reboot Mirror)
Pairing: Pike/Kirk
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 1813
Disclaimer: This is an unofficial work of fanfiction, made for fun and nonprofit. It is in no way intended to infringe on Paramount's copyright.
Summary: Pike hates Iowa, but it's where the Imperial Starfleet brings home shiploads of cadets. Pike's got his own particular form of recruiting, though, and when a fight breaks out in front of him, he notices this one particular guy...

Notes: Mirror + Reboot = OMG. This was for the Mirror Universe challenge at [community profile] star_trek_flashfic, and trying to work out what might happen to the Narada that set Kirk's story in motion was an exercise and a half. For the details I did puzzle out (not all of which make their way into this story), I thank [personal profile] telesilla for her brainstorming and support.

Warnings: For those who are concerned about safety, sanity, and consensuality in their fic, I feel obliged to remind you that this is the Mirror universe we're talking about, where everyone is evil. To get more specific: there's a lot of violence, Pike does not ask for permission, and there's quite a bit of blood as well as fierce, erotic enjoyment of the same. If that is not your kink, leave now!

If people are desperate enough to show up to BFE, Iowa, in order to land a spot on a ship, at least that says something about their commitment. Or their utter insanity. In other words, it makes them Imperial Starfleet material from day one. )


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