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Conversations - Spock/Uhura

Fandom: Reboot
Pairing: Spock/Uhura
Rating: PG
Summary: Spock and Uhura, early on (but not at the beginning). Instructors need to be intimidating, but she's always met his strength with quiet fire.

By the time their relationship advances to intimite physical contact, Spock is comfortable enough with Uhura to admit that he doesn't have a lot of practice.

Her eyes glimmer with something close to laughter. "What, Vulcans don't do that sort of thing?"

"They do." There's a faint stress on the they; unintended, but Spock hears it in his own voice, a familiar sharp edge. "I didn't. It was partly my choice, and partly theirs: I was ... tainted. Impure."

Her expression has changed, shifting towards sympathy, and he kisses away the words she isn't able to say. Kisses her eyes as they flutter closed, and tastes the salt of human tears. "And yet the defences I erected--" (she snickers, like she can't help it, but he ignores her with grace) "--to become more accepted on Vulcan meant that when I came here," with a vague flutter of one hand, encompassing the Academy and Starfleet and Earth, "I was too... exotic."

"No," she corrects, and the amusement's back. "Exotic is a *good* thing, Spock. It's... sexy."

He quirks an eyebrow at her. "Then please enlighten me as to why--"

"You weren't too *exotic*. You were too ... imposing. Intimidating."

"Intimidating," he growls softly, eyes narrowing, and she laughs. (That's one thing he likes about her, always has. Instructors need to be intimidating, it's the most logical way to refine the raw material of cadets into polished Starfleet officers, but she's always met his strength with quiet fire.) "Do you find me intimidating, then?"

"Everyone does." She laughs softly. "The first time I talked with you? I was dared to, by a group of other cadets. They thought you'd eat me alive."

"Hmm." His eyebrow quirks up again, and he almost smiles. "I am not a cannibal."

"Try telling that to the first-years." Her grin is impudent. "So I took the dare -- there was a wager attached -- and I spent so long talking to you that the wager doubled in my absence."

Spock's eyebrow arches higher. Straightfaced, he murmurs, "So the only reason you spoke with me was to collect on the wager?"

"Not the only reason," she says, and kisses him.
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Oooh, the growly voice and narrowed eyes are hot.
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This is so subtly sensual. Great work! You should totally post it to [community profile] singularity too!
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Oh, poor Spock! I adore the way you write Uhura here, especially she's always met his strength with quiet fire because that just puts such a perfect image in my mind of what their earliest interactions must have been like. And the ending is lovely.
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I love this depiction of Spock's isolation as a young man on Vulcan, and how that left him cut off from intimacy on both planets. It rings very true. This is a lovely piece!
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Awww, this was very cute. ♥